10 Things To Do In Rishikesh If You Want To Have An Exciting Vacation 


Rishikesh does not fit into any of India’s traditional tourism classifications! It’s not simply a temple town with a lot of spiritual energy, or a sleepy hill station, or a metropolis with a lot of nightlife, or a gastronomical underbelly, but it’s a blend of all of those things and a lot more.

Rishikesh offers it all: the shimmering allure of the peaceful Ganges, and the Ganges itself, which gushes in between boulders to generate huge rapids excellent for river rafting! There are several delicious eateries, spas, and a few cute li’l places for teetotalers as well as those seeking some stress relief from their urban hell. However, there is for the foodies as well, with many delicious eateries, spas, and a few little sights for teetotalers and those trying to seek some stress relief from their urban hell.

There are various things that you can do in rishikesh:

River rafting:

This is now the most popular activity in Rishikesh again for young and brave, and it will do wonders for your nerves as you are lashed against by the waves of such torrential Ganga rushing over the steep boulders! Rishikesh’s glamping and river rafting experiences are so popular that they’ve been even featured in Bollywood films. Best Time to Go River Tubing in Rishikesh: Nowadays most years, except during the monsoon months when the river becomes too dangerous to cross. The seasons of October to June, which coincide with the tourist season in Rishikesh, are great for river rafting.

Rafting Grade Levels: The Rishikesh rapids provide all three levels of rafting: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

River Rafting Rapids: The riverside rafting rapids span 36 kilometers from Kaudiyala through Lakshman Jhula and include over 13 significant rapids.

Bungee jumping:

Another activity to attempt in Rishikesh without friends is bungee jumping. Whenever you take the plunge from the top of the mountain range into nothingness, scream your lungs out and enjoy the rush as your heart races! Hanging over 80 meters again from the earth, kissing gravitational pull at its finest, and abandoning all boundaries!

Mohanchatti, Jumping Heights is a location in Rishikesh.

12 years old is the minimum age (min)

35-110 kg is the recommended weight range.

Bonfire and camping:

Sitting by candlelight in mountainous areas, singing and enjoying the moist wind of tranquillity under the stars, while the Ganga runs peacefully alongside you, is another thing to do when city life takes its toll on your spirit. The seasons of February to May, and subsequently September to November, are the finest for camping in Rishikesh. 

Mountain biking:

conquering the difficult terrain while riding a mountain bike through Rishikesh’s lesser-traveled lanes! Simply hire a road bike from one of Rishikesh’s vendors and strap yourself in to pound some rubber against the rocks! 

Flying fox:

You will be strapped into a harness and will free fall from an altitude of 7 meters above ground level at a thrilling velocity of 160 kilometers per hour! Have you had your fill of adventure? Then you return to the top to repeat the process!

Weight range: 20–130 kg

Shivpuri is the location of Rishikesh.

Cliff Jumping and bodysurfing are two of the most popular water sports in the world:

Prepare for even more action in Rishikesh, where you may partake in these two well-known adventure sports! Cliff jumping, like most of the other adventure sports available here, maybe done by beginners under the close supervision of specialists, with assistance available at all times! The rugged topography, combined with one of the country’s largest rivers, provides for an ideal cliff jumping destination.

Body surfing is another water activity, although it is more soothing than exhilarating. While river rafting, you may nearly do this for free with the help of experts.


Take one of the various hiking trails available from Rishikesh, which range in difficulty from beginner to expert. One of the most popular is a hike to the waterfalls, which may be performed to reach the stunning waterfalls. 

Rock climbing, Rappelling:

With its rich trove of adventure sports, Rishikesh also boasts these three to draw adventure seekers into its abundance! When it comes to Kayaking as well as rock climbing and rappelling, all three categories of sports fans will find something to enjoy in Rishikesh, from moderate to hard. 


Here you may go paragliding. As you lift terrestrial leaps into the free air, you get to touch the blue azure. This activity is by far the most prominent in Rishikesh since it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and families at reasonable prices. 

Ayurvedic spa and the massages:

Ayurveda originated in India, and it is considered the Holy Grail of massages and relaxation. With the greatest Ayurvedic massages available in Rishikesh, you may find peace and complete balance among your brain-spirit. 

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