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8 Reasons To Pick Mean Stack For Modern Business Applications

In the digital age, companies are looking toward building robust mobile and web applications optimized for cloud deployment. MEAN stack is one such framework. MEAN can describe stack as one framework that allows for seamless application development and better outcomes.

The mean stack development services combine cutting-edge technologies, including MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, perfect for creating new and innovative applications. Some famous companies that have developed applications that utilise MEAN stack JavaScript include YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Tumblr, Forbes, Instagram, and numerous others.

Now, let’s explore what MEAN Stack is? MEAN Stack framework and how it will benefit your company.

What Is The Mean Stack?

The MEAN stack is an open-source JavaScript software stack that allows developers to create unique mobile and web applications. All the elements in the MEAN stack that writes using JavaScript Applications developed with this stack denote using a single language for both servers and client-side environments.

There are many advantages of an open language that is compatible with the existing app architecture. Through the HubSpot api developer, JavaScript is the only most widely used language. This means you can easily manage the front-end, database, and back-end without difficulty.

How Does The Mean Stack Architecture Functions

 1: AngularJS, a client-side programming language, is the one that has the primary responsibility of working on the client’s request.

 2: The request from the client will then be transferred to Node.js since it’s using the JavaScript client-side language.

 3. Express begins the process and makes the database request.

4: MongoDB collects the data and then sends the result to Express.

 5. Node.js sends the information to AngularJS to display the results. Then the data is retrieved from Express.

What Is The Reason MEAN Stack Can Be The Ideal Option For Mobile And Web App Development Projects?

1. Simple To Use And Easy To Set Up

JavaScript is the basis for the MEAN stack, meaning the application is simple. Developers can choose this JS platform to build a MEAN stack. MEAN stack application to speed up application development with one language for all applications.

2. Vast Technology Stack

With Angular Express and Angular Node.js, You get an expert team of experts. Programmers can excel at multitasking using various technologies by using an array of tools like the MEAN stack.

Employing a MEAN stack of developers implies that you have the resources to specialise in both back-end and front-end technologies. In addition, the developer should be proficient in DBMS like MongoDB to add another benefit.

3. Enhances Developers’ Proficiency

The HubSpot api integration provides immense assistance for companies to improve developers’ capabilities. It is much easier for businesses to take a new approach when they adopt this MEAN stack. And it assists developers in expanding their capabilities to create modern web applications. The seamless and revolutionary agile approach can also be using MEAN.JS.

4. Data Transfer Is Seamless And Secure

With Node.js and Angular, the most precise information exchange protocol will be JSON files. MEAN stack development services MEAN stack development tools allow data exchange throughout the system to be effortless and continuous.

5. Effective Prototyping Capabilities

Every business needs an MVP to test its functions and requests from users. Because of this, companies decide to create an MVP. A Minimum Viable Product is a beneficial and cost-effective method of developing prototypes.

It gives businesses an understanding of how valuable and user-friendly the idea or concept is. MEAN stack is among the leading technologies enterprises can use to develop MVP procedures.

6. Cloud-Friendly And Reusable

The MEAN stack allows for creating UI (user interface) that provides a pleasant user experience. It chains the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to produce native-type web applications.

It utilises Node.js to provide the non-blocking type of I/O and eliminates the overburden of processing requests to speed up websites. Additionally, it uses Angular to increase the reuse of code. This stack of technology leverages open-source frameworks and cloud repositories. Additionally, MongoDB helps in managing cloud-based use.

7. Apps That Are Interactive And Real-Time

In addition to other kinds of applications, the real-time app is used by various users. Node.js is part of the Shopify integration HubSpot allows interaction capabilities in real-time applications. Numerous renowned companies like LinkedIn, Walmart, and other large brands use Node.js in the MEAN stack.

8. Reduces Development Costs

Regardless of the industry, every company would like to keep ahead of rivals. This is why they need to be at the forefront of cost-effective mobile and web application development. MEAN.JS is ideal for these kinds of businesses because it is open-source and cost-free, and companies can lower their project costs with a highly skilled MEAN development team.

Benefits Of Developing Apps Using Mean Stack

Mean Helps Make Switching Between Server And Client Easier

Making apps with MEAN is quick and easy as developers can write code in only one particular language, i.e., JavaScript, for both the client and server sides. The JavaScript specialist can handle the entire project with the MEAN Stack formula. With Node.js, the developer can run the apps directly to the server without having to deploy them on a stand-alone server.

Isomorphic Coding May Be Possible Using Mean

Moving the code into a different framework written in one specific framework is more accessible using the MEAN stack. This has made MEAN stack an innovative technology. MEAN developers are looking at various technologies available in MEAN to enhance the efficacy of web-based applications and projects.

Highly Flexible

MEAN lets you test an application on the cloud platform without difficulty after an application’s development process. Applications can be developed quickly and tested before being released to the cloud. You can include additional information by adding the required field on your form. MongoDB, specially created for cloud computing, offers full support for clusters and automated replication.

Mean Employs Json

Both NodeJS and AngularJS make use of JSON (JavaScript object notation). Additionally, MongoDB is a component-based database that allows users to save files in JSON format. It is, however, restricted to only small and intermediate businesses. Most developers use the MEAN stack in various stages of development, including web development.


Making apps using  calls for developers skilled in JavaScript and PHP, while LAMP stack calls for developers proficient with MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP. Because fewer developers are needed to create applications with Shopify and Hubspot integration, it will reduce the amount spent to hire the number of developers. Therefore, we can say that the MEAN stack is efficient and is often the most efficient method to deal with.

Fast And Reusable

Node.js is quick and easy to climb due to its non-blocking design. Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that provides maintenance, testability, and reusability. The powerful directives in this framework lead to a high degree of testing capabilities and a specific domain.

Open Source And Cloud Compatible

All MEAN stack technology is open-source and available at no cost. It assists in developing libraries and repositories that are public and lowers development costs— erp Magento 2 DB assists in deploying cloud functions inside the app by reducing costs of disk space.

To Conclude

The MEAN stack is among the most efficient technologies for managing mobile and web app development projects testing, deployment, and testing. It offers a wide range of flexibility to aid you in managing the data generated by users. If you’re looking to develop mobile and web applications with the MEAN stack, Our staff of MEAN developers can provide you with a no-cost consultation.

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