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Can GTA V run on Windows 10

Can GTA V run on Windows 10? Yes, GTA V can run on Windows 10. And, this game was released in ’13, so any system having the required specs can run it flawlessly.

However, you also must know about the requirements to run GTA V. May laptops under $1500 can run GTA 5 without lags. So, why not get into the systems’ details before you get ready to play GTA 5. But, first, check out the system requirements if you want to play GTA 5.

Requirements for GTA 5 gameplay on laptops for streaming

Requirements for GTA 5 gameplay on laptops for streaming
Requirements for GTA 5 gameplay on laptops for streaming

What you need for GTA 5 is the following specs:

1-Your GPU should be 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

2-The processor must be at least 10th generation Core i7. Or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor. This shall have a speed of 4.4GHz.

3-The RAM must be 16GB DDR4.

4-The SSD should be 128GB. So, now, we have already learned about the system requirements. And, you can get these specs into the following gaming laptops.

Best recommended laptops for GTA V

The top results for GTA V gameplay include budget-friendly gaming laptops. Also, the Lenovo Idea pad is a good setup for any high-end game. And, another one of the most secure laptops is the HP Omen. So, now, let’s have a look at their details deeply.

HP Omen as best GTA V gaming laptop

HP Omen comes on the list for being a worth using gaming laptop. However, you won’t find a new design, but surely a reliable pack of specs. An aluminum body is what this system comes in. And, the finishing is of a matte look. This laptop has a compressed keyboard. But, you won’t find any number pad at all. However, a backlit keyboard is what is a good thing. And, the keys as poppy and responsive. Also, the track is glide. So, you won’t face any issues with the keyboard.

And, this lightweight laptop is also best for podcasting. So, it’s not false if you call it one of the best podcasting laptops. But, what you won’t admire is the flex on the bottom side of the screen.  And, however, the hinges are strong build, you still feel the wobble.

This slim series system weighs 2.46kgs, while others are lighter. Now, for many users, this isn’t a favorable situation. That’s because you can get laptops under 600 or 800 dollars. So, sensitive users can opt for any other system. However, the 15.6 inches display with 2460×1400 resolution works fine.

Now, the storage you get is 512GB SSD. And, the RAM is  16GB. However, the AMD Ryzen 7800H processor is worth using. And, the  RTX 3070 graphics are stunning. So, if we talk about the price, you can’t get a strong GPU and CPU for GTA V under $500$. This system costs you thousands of dollars. And, you get so many flaws for that. This will be suitable if you are compromising.

Lenovo Ideapad 5 with Windows 10 for GTA V

Lenovo Ideapad 5 with Windows 10 for GTA V
Lenovo Ideapad 5 with Windows 10 for GTA V

Here, the one we are discussing is model 5 14. This 14 inches laptop is an ideal type for traveling. A system gives you 512-256GB SSD. Also, you get 8GB or 16GB RAM. There are configuration options so you can opt for whatever you want. And, the a goes for the processor. It is also available in 3,5, and 7 cores.

The design of this gaming laptop under 600 is pretty simple. However, the chassis is of aluminum. And, the display is also very fine with  14 inches display screen. Also, the display has 1050 pixels resolution. The screen has 300 nits of brightness. And, this screen is anti-glare so it is suitable for working outside. This display has the support of AMD Radeon Vega graphics. So, it is the best laptop for work and gaming for under 800 dollars. The processor is also AMD Rhyzen 5 4500U. This States itself that it works flawlessly for GTA V. And, of course, the OS is Windows 10. That’s why this system is in the top 2 list for GTA 5. But, at the same time, if you are worried about overheating, read this: do gaming laptops overheat?

Now, the system we are talking about has 8GB RAM. And, the storage is 512GB SSD. Also, along with the laptop, you get an SD card reader with a variety of ports. The ports include an HDMI port and 2 USB ports. Also, it has a charging cable. And, you get a microphone jack as well. So, overall, the weight is 3.04 pounds as well. Its webcam is also 720 pixels as well. So, overall, this laptop is also worth using for GTA V.


So, while talking about the GTA V gaming laptops, you get many systems. Some go above the normal five range. You can take examples of the most secure laptops like MSI GS65. This system is also good to have for gaming. But, if you have a minimum range, go for the above 2 gaming laptops.


Can I run GTA V on Windows 10 laptop?

Yes, you can run GTA 5 on Windows 10. And, any gaming laptop that comes with the following specs is good for GTA 5.

These specs include an AMD Rhyzen processor or Intel Core 10 core processor. This processor must have a 4.4GHz speed for running a flawless game. And, the RAM you need is 16GB. Also, the display of 15 inches or 14 inches will go fine. With 1920×1080 resolution pixels is what you need at least. And SSD storage is the best choice.

How to get GTA V for Windows 10 on a laptop?

For Windows 10, you can download it from the website. And, for that, you need to install Epic games store from the site. Once you have installed it, type the game name you want. And install any game you want with a Windows-powered device. So, that’s how simple it is. Download GTA V, and there you go!

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