Choosing Your Best Dishwasher For A Well-Equipped Kitchen

Tired of washing your plates and pots by hand? So it’s time to choose a dishwasher! And to help you in your choice, Best Dishwasher Repair Services in Leicester here are the important points to check before any purchase.


If you don’t like to do the dishes by hand, then choosing the right dishwasher is essential for you! Discover all our advice to make the right choice and simplify your daily life.

What are your needs?

Choosing a dishwasher is above all choosing an appliance that will precisely meet your needs. Here are the two important parameters to determine the capacity of your household appliance :

  • The number of place settings: there are mini-dishwashers with 6 place settings that are ideal for a couple. Others are larger in size and can accommodate up to 16 people, for example, which is ideal for large families.
  • The volume you have: your dishwasher must fit perfectly into the available space. When taking your measurements, pay close attention to thick baseboards or the possible presence of pipes.

What type of dishwasher?

There are 3 main types of devices. To choose your dishwasher, Best Dishwasher Repair Services in Leicester you have the choice between:

  • A free-standing dishwasher: this is the most common. Whether your kitchen is equipped or not, it will be very easy to install or move if necessary.
  • A built-in dishwasher : it is made to fit perfectly into a niche and can have a door that matches the design of your kitchen. Your room therefore continues to be harmonious. Its control panel remains visible.
  • A built-in dishwasher: it’s the most discreet of all. Even its control panel is concealed!

What size should you choose for your dishwasher?

To make buying a dishwasher easier, Best Dishwasher Repair Services in Leicester manufacturers design most appliances in three standard sizes. The family version, capable of accommodating a dozen place settings, measures approximately 60 x 85 cm. The junior version, ideal for a couple, has reduced the width to 45 cm.

Finally, the compact models, designed for people living alone, generally offer dimensions of 45 x 55 cm. Most have adjustable height legs to accommodate different cabinets and counter tops. How to choose the best dishwasher according to its size? A few quick measurements will prove necessary to choose the right dimensions of a dishwasher. Note that sometimes there is a slight difference between brands; therefore always carefully measure the available space. These tips apply just as much to a free-standing model as to a built-in dishwasher .

For what budget?

Do you want to find a cheap and efficient dishwasher at the same time? This is entirely possible, depending on your personal expectations. Some criteria, Best Dishwasher Repair Services in Leicester which sometimes inflate prices, may seem secondary to you.

  1. This is the case of a silent dishwasher, if your appliance is located in an adjoining closed room, such as a garage or a laundry room, and you therefore do not suffer from noise in the kitchen.
  2. In your dishwasher comparison, establish a list of priorities that is specific to you.
  3. Is the price your first concern? Note that the entry-level models are very accessible and start at around 200 euros in standard format.
  4. Prices go up to 700 euros for more luxurious devices.
  5. If you trust a particular brand, review its entire range to get an idea of ​​the price ranges of a single manufacturer.
  6. Take a look, for example, at our article on choosing a Bosch dishwasher.

Which storage choice for cutlery?

For the storage of cutlery, you have the choice between two possibilities:

  • The drawer: located at the level of the upper part of the appliance. Its big advantage is that it frees up space at the bottom so that the lower drawer can accommodate large pots, for example. However, Best Dishwasher Repair Services in Leicester it also takes significantly longer to place the cutlery one by one in their location.
  • The basket: this is the most common type of storage and the quickest to use to load or unload your dishwasher.
  • This choice is therefore above all a matter of tastes and habits!

What programs will help you?

The programs of your device are all the options that will simplify your daily life. So take the time to educate yourself to choose the dishwasher that has the features you need. The most common are these:

  • Delayed start: you can determine the start time of your machine. In this way, you take advantage of EDF’s off-peak hours!
  • Quick program: it is done in about thirty minutes for lightly soiled dishes.
  • Eco mode: The washing temperature is lower and allows you to save energy.
  • Half load control: if your machine is half full, you adapt the water and electricity to the quantity of dishes to be washed.

Essential security systems

To choose your dishwasher and use it with peace of mind, you will no doubt appreciate the safety options available, such as:

  • The anti-overflow function: this makes it possible to trigger a drain when the water inlet is continuous.
  • Child safety: once your machine has started its program, Best Dishwasher Repair Services in Leicester it will not stop and the door will remain locked. And this, even if your child starts pressing all the buttons!
  • The Aquastop: if a leak is detected at the inlet pipe, the water is automatically cut off to avoid the risk of flooding.

The energy class

Choosing a dishwasher saves water compared to washing by hand. However, you must ensure that this does not generate an excessively high electricity bill! This is why it is necessary to ensure the energy class of your future appliance. Their ratings range from A for the most economical to D for the most energy-consuming. This includes energy consumption, washing efficiency, drying efficiency and the number of covers. So while the top-rated appliances are often the most expensive, they will save you more on your electricity bill in the long run.

Don’t ignore the noise!

A noisy dishwasher can be really annoying, especially if it is located in a kitchen open to the living room! In this case, it is really important to pay attention to the number of decibels in order to choose a quiet dishwasher . This value is present on the energy label. Thus, Best Dishwasher Repair Services in Leicester the quietest machines are around 40 decibels. However, below 42 decibels, you can consider that your dishwasher is not making any noise. Of course, if it is located in the garage or in a pantry, the noise level will not be so important! This again depends on your personal needs.

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