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Education technology: guide into useful software for students

What is education technology?

In the era of technological evolution, different innovative technologies are introduced for helping students. Students are now highly dependent on educational technology that makes their life much easier. But what is education technology is a question that can come to your mind. You can say that the use of any technological tool for facilitating education is education technology. From online learning tools for interaction to digital learning apps, education technology makes education easier.

The purpose of education technology is to provide a better learning environment for students. These technologies also improve the academic outcomes of students through student-friendly approaches. This article shed light on different educational technologies that can help students for various purposes.

Why education technology is important?

Education technology plays an important role in helping students. Teachers integrate innovative technological tools to improve the learning experience of the students. These tools engage students to achieve learning outcomes in a better way. Education technology also improves learners’ physical as well as mental health. It is observed that students face different challenges that can affect their academic performance (bestassignmentwriter, 2022). However, students can overcome these challenges by using different educational technologies. The student’s learning process is improved with the application of technologies.

From schools to universities, using education technology increases the potential among students. It will increase motivation, positive learning outcomes, social interaction, and improve student engagement. You can say that education technology is a key to improving students learning experiences. But what education technologies are useful is a question that can arise in students’ minds. There are wide ranges of software tools available online that can help students for different purposes. So, without further delay let’s check the best software tools that are helpful for students.

Best software tools that are helpful for students

Students are facing numerous challenges in academic life especially to complete tasks on time. Especially, it is observed that students of finance and accounting programs seek finance essay help. It helped them to maintain their academic performance by meeting deadlines on time. But there is a wide range of software tools that can boost students’ academic performance. Let’s check out the best software tools that are useful for students.

  • Microsoft Office 365

It is one of the best software tools that can help students in many ways. The advanced features of Office 365 including online teaching and learning tools help students (Yen and Nhi, 2021). If you are assigned a group task, then you can work on the same document. And the most important feature is that your documents can be stored online. So you don’t have to keep worrying about saving assignments and tasks in specific folders.

  • Anki

It is flashcard software that has two main learning techniques. The first technique is active recall testing and the second is spaced repetition. This software tool helps students to learn things more efficiently. If you are someone that faces difficulty in memorising information then you should check this tool. The idea of Anki is to provide students with a platform for regular studying and memorising information.

  • Prezi

It is online software for a presentation that can help students with different templates. Prezi is a good rival of PowerPoint and has a wide range of features. If you are working on any educational presentation then you should check this out. Students can make creative presentations by simply using the Prezi features.

  • Zotero

If you are a research student, then you can face problems in keeping references on track. Many students approach best college essay writing service to get quality research work. Zotero is also here to share your research burden. This software provides free research assistance for collecting and organising documents. Moreover, you can also create reference and bibliography banks for your research work.

  • GeoGebra

If you are facing difficulty in solving math problems then GeoGebra is here to save you! This software consists of a wide range of online math tools. From geometry to 3D math models you can explore a variety of features. Students can also take guidance from tutorials before running the software.

  • TED-Ed

This software provides an educational platform for teachers and students. Students can access educational lessons and improve their learning experiences. Here, active participation of students with teachers and classmates can improve the learning process. The platform is rich with academic material and questions for discussion. Students of all ages can expand their knowledge horizons by using TED-Ed.

  • Edmodo

It is a global network for education that helps in connecting people. From students to parents and teachers, all can be a part of this single platform. Students can create an account and explore the features of Edmodo. It offers planners, labs, and educational resources that assist the learning of students.

  • Kahoot

It is one of the best gaming educational technologies which are based on questions and games. Teachers use this tool for developing questionnaires to evaluate student performance. If you are a person that enjoys game-based learning then you should check this software.

  • Lunacy

If you are a graphic design student, then Lunacy is here to improve your creativity.  It is free online graphic design software that compromises different features. These features include graphic editing with photos, illustrations, icons, and masked images. You can also use this software to be creative with your presentations. If you are making a creative project then Lunacy can become your helping hand.

  • Evernote

The last education software technology included in this list is Evernote. It is the best virtual platform for students to keep notes. Students can gather digital information and process notes to keep it in one place. It also has an amazing feature to scan handwritten notes and add them into an online notebook.


With the help of mentioned different education software, students can improve their studying experience. It doesn’t matter what type of software is selected by the students. Because all these software has different features and can improve the learning experience of the students.


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