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The Cannes Film Festival has been invited to our studio in Vanves, in the Paris suburbs. It was in May. A Handyman Home Services knocked on our door. We had arranged to meet him via the Stootie platform. His mission: to assemble a small Ikea chest of drawers from the Brimnes range. We are, let’s face it, not very good at deciphering the plans of the king of kit furniture.

Our savior, therefore, got down to it. And, in the course of the conversation, she told us that she was starring in a film presented at the Festival. Not just any: “120 Beats per minute”, the Jury’s Grand Prize! Yes, between two shoots, the actress does odd jobs!

Magic of the collaborative and digital economy: thanks to platforms, any Sunday Handyman Home Services can monetize his services. Of course, for technical tasks or tasks subject to the agreement of a co-ownership, the use of a professional is essential. But for the rest, a clogged sink, a curtain rod to fix, a seal to change, it’s perfect and cheaper than a craftsman.

Selected five particularly active and well-referenced platforms

Among the fifteen or so sites on the niche – the market will inevitably have to structure itself but, for the moment, each start-up wants to believe in it – we have selected five particularly active and well-referenced platforms here. Although let’s be clear, there is no reliable ranking, and many claims to be number 1 on the market! They all operate on the same concept. How do they attract potential customers and differentiate themselves from each other?

Stootie, which claims 800,000 “scooters”, relies on the spirit of mutual aid: “We are not a jobbing site, but a community where everyone offers or requires a service with a single account”, assures the spokesperson, Laetitia Grosse. Same philosophy at Allo Voisins, which announced last May that it had exceeded one million members: “We believe in local consumption, based on solidarity. Your neighbors are people who share your desires and your problems, with whom you can establish win-win relationships”, explains its co-founder, Edouard Dumortier.

To post an ad, nothing could be simpler. The ergonomics of each site have been well studied and navigation is fluid. At Allo Voisins, a form is available on the home page: all you have to do is specify whether you need a service or an object, indicate your request, your budget, and your address, and that’s it. cheek.

The announcement is recorded and, in less than thirty minutes, validated by the site. Other portals offer to create a more specific ad: you can specify your availability on a calendar, indicate, on your job, if the “jobber” must come with a vehicle, and add one or more photos to most of them.

The price set by the customer is indicative since the handyman

For the price, the platforms do not impose anything but several estimates of the mission. Note that the price set by the customer is indicative since the handyman can make a counter-offer. Small peculiarity, where you select not an amount but a range: the lowest possible being between 12 and 100 euros. A greedy Cheap Handyman Dubai asked us for 80 euros for our furniture kit when most were around 15 euros.

The platforms all offer a private messaging system to exchange with handymen. And specify the details of the appointment, for example. Special mention to YoupiJob, which selects, among the offers received. The two are most interesting and highlight the profile that has been carried out. The most missions and the one that has received the highest number of client evaluations.

Once your handyman has been chosen, you are directed to secure online payment. The money is debited from your account and blocked until you confirm that the mission has been carried out. At Jemepropose, Allo Voisins, Stootie, it is possible to pay from hand to hand (at least in part).

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