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How Can I Clean Decking?

Any yard would benefit from having decking, but it requires special maintenance to keep it looking great. Fortunately, maintaining a wooden deck doesn’t have to be challenging. With the correct rengöra trall supplies, you can totally change the way your decking looks and maintain its usability for many years to come. We can help, whether your trädeck needs some TLC or you just want to brighten up your patio for the summer. With just a few simple steps, you can efficiently clean outdoor decking according to our helpful advice.

When should you clean decking?

Regular care is essential to the durability of your deck because it is constantly exposed to the weather. Give your decking a good cleaning at least once a year to keep it looking great. An yearly cleaning may revitalize your deck, protect the wood’s structural integrity, and ultimately help you avoid making expensive repairs.

Simple methods to clean garden decking in five

Clear and prep the space

Start by removing everything from your wooden deck surface. Everything that might obstruct your path should be removed, including big patio furniture, little potted plants, and everything in between. Next, take a broom and thoroughly clean the entire space. Brush off the dirt and leaves, paying close attention to any crevices where material can accumulate.

Pressure washer or a hose

Pressure washer or a hose

To remove any dirt or grime, use a garden hose or power washer. To remove as much debris as possible from extremely contaminated areas, point the sprayer at such areas. Just keep in mind that this step requires extreme caution if you’re using a power washer. If used too closely, a pressure washer can quickly harm the wood, making it more difficult to clean or repair. Pick the lowest setting and leave a few feet or more between the spray nozzle and your deck’s surface. After you’ve dealt with the most troublesome places, be sure to spray between the decking boards to remove any twigs, leaves, or grass that may still be there.

Wash and rinse

Make a mild cleaning solution with warm water and liquid dish soap to prevent hurting your decking. You might also use a specialized wooden deck cleaning. As soon as the cleaning agent begins to lather, saturate the surface and scrub the deck with a stiff-bristled brush or sponge. Observe mixing for five to ten minutes (or follow the instructions on the rengöra trall  label). After that, rinse the deck with clean water and let it air dry.

Handle the algae and mold.

The best approach to clean decking when it comes to mold and algae is to use a ready-to-use, powerful disinfection product like Patio Magic! Spray, ready to use. This solution will not only get rid of tough stains, but it will also prevent future mold and algae development from growing. Simply mist the remedy onto the afflicted regions, then give it time to dry. It’s the ideal approach to revitalize and preserve your deck with little effort because there’s no need to pressure wash or scrub beforehand.



Re-sealing the deck after a thorough cleaning is usually a good idea. In order to pick the finest product for your clean decking, be sure to look into your alternatives. Some sealers may include a waterproofing agent or mildew protection. To get rid of any debris or dust that may have gathered while the deck was drying, sweep it once more. After that, use the sealer as directed by the manufacturer. Prior to repositioning furniture and accessories on the deck, allow the sealant application to completely cure.

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