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How much does a giant LED screen cost? Understand the price of an LED screen

A giant LED screen is an investment.  This is explained on the one hand by the high-tech aspect of this tool but also by its format.  In addition, a screen solution as we sell it includes many elements.  Indeed, the price of the screen also includes all the control solutions, the structures, the delivery, and the installation of this one. Added to this is also the labor involved in its manufacture and marketing.

This cost will vary depending on the technology chosen, but also on the pitch of the screen.  In addition, some additional services are also offered to ensure you an investment in complete peace of mind.

How to finance a giant screen?

As with any purchase of property,  there are several financing solutions with advantages and disadvantages. Basic accounting rules state that any long-term investment must be financed by long-term means. There are then different solutions available to you, which are conventional credit, leasing, or financial leasing. 

To help you in your choice of financing, Winlight International accompanies you to study your project with you and advises you to define the ideal solution. We also have several financial partners with whom we can negotiate your financing file and allow you to opt for financial leasing solutions over 3 to 5 years.

Also, find more information in our article dedicated to the financing of a giant screen.

What are the manufacturing times for our LED screens?

In general, the manufacturing time for a giant SMD Screen is 2 to 3 months.

However, thanks to our stock of components in our manufacturing plant, we can offer great responsiveness in the production of “standard” screens and thus supply screens in a few weeks.

At  Winlight, we provide delivery and installation of the screen.  Indeed in our quality approach, we want to support you from A to Z to ensure that the installation is done to the specifications and your wishes.  Our experienced teams know the specificities of installing a giant LED screen and the precautions for use.  In addition, present on-site, they can also inform you about its use.

How is the handling of the screen? and software training.

We always provide control software with our communication screens.  This will then vary according to your needs.  This software is ergonomic and easy to use. In all cases, our teams provide training in handling the software with one hand and in controlling the screen during installation.  In addition, we can also offer remote assistance to support you at the beginning of your screen management. 

What to do in case of breakdown? Warranty, after-sales service, and maintenance of the screen

All our screens are guaranteed for 5 years.  In general, maintenance is included in our screen offers. In the event of a breakdown, you can contact our teams to explain the problem observed.  We will first carry out a remote analysis in remote maintenance.  Then if necessary we will send a team to replace the defective parts. For more information on maintenance management or an after-sales service request,  do not hesitate to contact us.

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