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How To Combine Ideas To Make A Good Dissertation Topic?

Selecting a dissertation topic is more difficult rather than whole research work. It is your first step toward research work. If you fail at the first step, you will end up with nothing. So you need to be very careful while making a topic for your dissertation. At this time, you have to narrow down bundles of ideas very wisely. In this article, we will discuss how to combine ideas to make an effective topic.

Ideas for Dissertation Topic

Following are the ideas that you can use to make a good topic for your dissertation.

  • Requirements of Your Field
  • Select a Niche
  • Find Interesting Topic
  • Research on Topic
  • Do Not be Vague
  • Topic Should Reflect Objective
  • Ask Your Advisor for Approval

Let’s discuss each aspect of the dissertation topic in detail.

Requirements of Your Field

You need to see the requirements of your field related to the dissertation topic. The moment when your teacher asks you for a dissertation topic, you need to see what the requirements of your course type are. These requirements include the time range provided for research work. After a period of time, you have to focus on the orientation of the topic. In every class, the teacher provides a list of topics. If you also have a list, check which topic has more worth in the academic market as well as in the job sector.

Furthermore, you need to see if there is fieldwork required for research or not. You can have a rough idea of a work type through the dissertation topic. It is very good if you are provided with requirements. You need to follow the given requirements at any cost. Sometimes, it also happens that the advisor does not ask for anything rather than a deadline. This case is more complicated. Here you have to think about everything by yourself. However, there are dissertation writing services available to get help.

Select a Niche

By considering requirements, you have to look at the niche. By selecting a niche for research, you are actually narrowing down your dissertation topic. You can select any topic based on some factors. These factors may include the current or future demand for that topic. The best thing is to select a dissertation topic that addresses current issues around you. Niche selection helps you a lot in creating work relevancy. If you go for some current issue, you can have more readers for your publication. While selecting a niche, make sure that your topic has enough literature. If there is not enough literature, you will have to face so many challenges in your research.

Find Interesting Topic

The selected niche and dissertation topic must be interesting for you. Working on the dissertation topic is not for three to four weeks; rather, you have to spend a long period of at least one year on it. The time period can be from one year to more. But it would not be less than one year. That is why your interest matters a lot. Otherwise, you would be fed up and it would become very difficult for you to end up with something effective.

Research on Topic

Do detailed research on your dissertation topic. Up till now, you may have done rough research, but now you have to research so that you can check each aspect related to your topic. After detailed research, you can make sure if the selected niche is right or not. In the same way, you can see if you are capable enough to deal with the selected niche. Detailed research on the dissertation topic helps you see if you can arrange countable resources for it or not. In short, you can clear your position for dissertation work.

Do Not be Vague

After detailed research, you are done with the type of dissertation topic. Now you have to see how to make your topic worthy. Every single word it has so much value. If you write the topic in a verbose term, it becomes vague. That is why you have to specify your topic. Try your level best to make your topic clear. It should hit the exact point of discussion. From the topic, the reader should get the area of discussion.

Topic Should Reflect Research Objective

Your dissertation topic can be effective for you. But you have to see if it is effective for others or not. Things may be clear to you, but you have to make it clear for the reader as well. The reader is the primary element for your dissertation. So you have to think from the perspective of a reader. For your dissertation, you have to write a problem statement. In the same way, the dissertation demands for research questions and objectives.

All of these things must be reflected in your dissertation topic. Avoid writing too long or too short topic. Try to come up with an average length of topic. In this average length, you have to ensure that every required thing is present. Assume that you do not know anything about the written topic of the dissertation writing task. Now think to form the perspective of an outsider.

Ask Your Advisor for Approval

You are done with the writing of the dissertation topic, but it is not the finalized one. You cannot finalize your topic until your teacher approves it. Your advisor has the right to approve or reject your topic. If he rejects your topic, it means there are some mistakes in it. Ask your advisor for the reason for rejection. When he highlights mistakes for you, ask him to advise you for further amendments. Take every feedback positively and go for amendments. Your advisor is highly experienced, so take advantage of his advice.

Final Thoughts

Your dissertation topic must reflect three things. The first one is your personal interest. Furthermore, you have to see the academic career of the selected topic. Apart from all that, you need to clarify what the professional career is related to your topic. Research on your topic and the advice of your teacher helps you a lot to finalize the topic. Keep all the above-discussed points in your mind. It will surely help you make a good and effective dissertation topic.

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