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The appearance on the industry market of fake products of a well-known Damascus brand can be called one of the sure signs of popularity and success. Unscrupulous manufacturers try to mislead consumers by using a slightly modified logo of well-known Damascus brands or even completely copying the design.ย 

But even if the appearance of a kitchen knife can be faked, then scammers will not be able to repeat its characteristics, because this requires original materials, proven equipment, and many years of experience of Damascus craftsmen. All this requires costs, so creating a fake that is close to the original becomes unprofitable. Handicraft products enter the market, which, upon closer examination, are easy to detect. Take note of a few tips and learn how to distinguish the original knife.


The first thing we see when buying a knife is a box, case, or other types of packaging. And already at this stage, you can suspect something is wrong if the โ€œwrapperโ€ does not look the same as in other stores or a photo on the Internet. Of course, the manufacturer may have changed the design recently, but it is better to make sure. Also, errors in the text on the box, a blurred print pattern, and other flaws should be alerted.


As with the packaging, pay attention to the appearance of the knife at other points of sale, especially from official brand representatives. The font for writing the logo, its location, clarity of application, blade color, and other features may differ. Carefully consider Damascus characters, if any. On a fake, they may differ slightly.ย 

The handle must be of a reliable design, without protrusions and slots. The surface is flawless and does not slip in the hand.

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Now carefully inspect the main part of the knife – the cutting edge. It should be perfectly smooth and sharp, without nicks, scratches, or deformation. The side surfaces of the blade are also flawlessly polished.ย 

Blades made of Damascus steel have an original pattern on the blade, formed by forging layered material. Often unscrupulous manufacturers create a fairly believable imitation of a Damascus steel knife. How to distinguish a fake in this case? You can make sure that the knife is genuine by the quality of the cut, that is, already during operation. The stainless steel blade with a Damascus-etched blade dulls quickly. Original – retains its sharpness for months or even years. When choosing such a multi-layered blade in a store, you should rely on other evidence of its originality – certificates of conformity, a guarantee, and others.


The article on the packaging of real Damascus corresponds to the specific series to which the product belongs. This number can be checked in catalogs, as well as found on quality certificates, which the seller must provide at your request.


A real Damascus knife cannot be cheap. Its cost is initially quite high, as high-quality materials are used for the manufacture of the blade and handle. The price also includes the cost of transporting the goods. A blade of “Damascus design” can be cheap. But at official dealers there are profitable offers, promotions, and discounts, then a real knife can be bought at an attractive price.


If you want to be sure that you are buying an original Damascus brand knife, then you should contact branded stores. Such sellers are official dealers, who cooperate directly with the manufacturing plant. The goods have all the necessary quality certificates, a guarantee from the manufacturer is provided, competent advice is provided to buyers.

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