Pet hedgehog lifespan

Pet hedgehog lifespan

Pet hedgehog lifespan. Unless a hedgehog is raised by humans, its lifespan in the wild is usually no more than two years. But when treated as a house pet, its life expectancy can be up to seven years. Hedgehogs come in various colors and coat textures and there are many that are bred especially for the pet trade.
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Hedgehogs sleep off their food by curling up into a ball. They do not hibernate. This makes them popular pets and the Best small pets for cuddling with people who live in warm climates or have seasonally cold winters. They will also eat just about anything – though they have been known to have preferences for foods like bananas, oatmeal, and crickets (but really any critter will do!).

Although hedgehogs are nocturnal, if they are kept in a cage during the daytime, they’ll sleep until night comes. This can sometimes result in a long nap and waking up alone, so pet owners have to be careful to check on them while they’re napping.

Hedgehogs their proper care and maintenance?

The Important things about Hedgehog

One of the most important things to remember about hedgehogs is that they are very sensitive to loud sounds. When a pet hedgehog first hears the sound of a vacuum cleaner, for example, it may think the source is in its cage. If you hear such noises and suspect your pet may be struggling, take it from its cage to a quiet spot and let it go back to sleep.

Hedgehogs are also very susceptible to stress – both physical and mental. Stress can result in an increase in aggression, anxiety, or illness such as skin problems. In such cases, you’ll want to do everything in your power to keep your pet well-balanced and happy with daily exercise, playtime, and care.

Pet hedgehogs age more slowly than their wild counterparts. Fewer than 20% of pet hedgehogs die before they are five years old, whereas most wild hedgehogs do not live past four or five years. However, whether their lives are short or long, their health will be more balanced and free of unnecessary suffering if they are treasured and loved by the owner. The average pet hedgehog’s life span is between two and seven years.

Hedgehogs their proper care and maintenance?

Hedgehogs their proper care and maintenance?

When we say “proper care” we mean giving them the same care we would provide a dog or a cat. They are pets, treat them as such. If you have any concerns about hedgehogs try asking an online friend or do a search for “health problems hedgehogs”. The Internet has lots of information on these cute creatures and their problems are often the same or very similar to those of cats, dogs, birds, etc.

Although a hedgehog can be very friendly, they should never be picked up by their spines, as they will break their back and die painfully. Their spines are quite hard and sharp instead of the loose soft bristles found in rabbits. Other than that, hedgehogs are very friendly pets. They have been known to attack various things you may consider “food”, like shoes, socks, and newspapers for example.


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