Roundtable attendees and their children’s grades

Public high school 3rd grade in CCNA course, Private high school 1st grade. Public junior high school 1st grade.
Taniguchi: Private elementary school 3rd-grade Yoneya. Private elementary school 4th grade, Private elementary school 1st grade Please tell us about the ICT usage status of your school.

Mr. Kawai: “Classi” was introduced in the public high school of my daughter in high school from the first grade in the CCNA course, but ICT is not used much in my daughter’s grade. However, it seems that they are making good use of ICT by introducing easy-to-understand explanation videos such as YouTube to each other with their friends.

“Classic” is introduced in the school of the son of high school 1, but in terms of learning, it is mainly used at home. For parents, it is used as a contact tool for notifications of parent-teacher associations, child care just before the end of long vacations, and notifications of long hair examinations. –Is the contact from your daughter’s school a print? Kawai: Yes. Sometimes the prints are left in the bag and do not reach the parents (laughs), so it seems that the mother may know through her friend’s mother.

Children’s public junior high schools use some of the disaster prevention email functions of municipalities, but they are only used in emergencies. Normally, ICT is rarely used.

Child in the first grade of public junior high school

At a child’s private elementary school, we use a contact app, and when the train is delay. We receive a message such as “Please do not panic because it is delay”.

In addition, during the school closure due to the measures against the new coronavirus infection. The school will send a PDF of the letter from the school using the app. So the teacher will make a video of the lessons. That did not end and upload it to YouTube, Utilizing ICT. Even if the school is close suddenly, I feel reassure by being connecte. So the school in this way, and I feel the goodness of ICT.

Who has a child in the third grade of a private elementary school?

We have introduce an e-mail service for emergency contact. So we received an e-mail to inform us of this time’s closure and train delays. When my child was in kindergarten, it was convenient to use the contact app, but it can be inconvenient because the absence of contact in CCNA certification at the elementary school is by phone. Except for Taniguchi’s child’s school, do you all contact the school by phone?

Are there any contact methods other than telephone?

The public elementary school was a contact book. Give it to a friend in your neighborhood and have them take it with you. There was a time when my child was hospitaliz every day. I went to my friend’s house to leave a contact book. And in the evening the friend sent me a print from the school. So I wrote a reply to it and brought it again. go. I accompany by a child in the hospital, and it was very difficult every day.

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