Solutions to common transloading problems.

As online shopping is increasing, it needs to import materials from all over the world. To make this process streamlined is a tough job. You need experienced workers, adequate infrastructure and good quality transportation. But some of the time merchants make mistakes during transloading. 

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In this blog, you will read about how to handle the problems that occur during the process of transloading. 

Here are the common problems workers face with their solutions

Difficulties in coordination

When there are a lot of different materials moving around you. It becomes tough to maintain track of them. You can get confused between their arrival and departure.

Solution: The only solution for this is to stay prepared and monitor your freight. Use the software and devices that can help you in tracking your load. Clear communication is also very important for any operation. If you don’t want to get lost in between the process stay updated regarding every change.

Inadequate Communication 

When you are working with multiple providers you need to communicate with them to check the status of your freight and whether it will reach on time or not. If the provider fails to communicate with you, then you might end up getting stressed about your freight. If there is a lack of communication there can be difficulties with customers. 

Solution: Do not depend on the provider to communicate with you, contact them by yourself. Ask them the status of their freight. Communication is essential with your drivers so you can know when the product will reach its destination. Use tracking devices and also ask your providers to use them. 

Ignoring the importance of time

If you do not calculate the estimated time between the departure and arrival of your freight then it can be tough to coordinate. There could be many reasons due to which your shipment is getting late. It can get late due to weather, traffic and mechanical issues. So you need to consider those reasons beforehand.


Start taking account of your time and if there are any delays happening, note them and inform your customer. In general, transloading takes around 48 to 72 hours which includes unloading, handling, and reloading the various containers of transport. Count this loading time as well to avoid any unnecessary delays. 


Moving loads from ocean ports can be difficult. There are many things that can occur during the process. There can be transportation failure, theft, material damage and warehouse fire or flood. But if you keep precautions from the start you can save a lot of time and money. Because of all these things, transloading is recommended. You can change your mode of transportation according to your place, product and weather conditions.

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