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Top Five Ways to Use a Meditation Pillow


Sitting on a comfortable meditation cushion or zafu looks very incredible to an observer. After All, this is the whole time to relax and get comfortable. Here is the truth there are many traditional poses such as one of the most popular lotus poses and it is not going to be comfortable for every body type. For most who practice meditation, rotating the hips too far and holding the knees in an unnatural position is going to cause so much pain and discomfort when seated for too long.
There are also plenty of alternative ways to use the crystal cove meditation pillow which is more suitable for the needs and level of flexibility. And it is also fun to switch up your routine every now and then for so many different meditative experiences. Now let’s see the top 5 ways to use a meditation pillow:-

Kneeling With Support

Kneeling is one of the most popular and pretty poses for meditation, but without support, it becomes a pain for those who have sensitive knees and ankles. People can use their crystal cove meditation pillow for support between your knees in a kneeling position. It will help you in removing the pressure on your joints and promotes the circulation on your legs. Now nothing will interrupt your meditation session like your limbs are falling asleep.

Half Or Quarter Lotus Pose

It is much easier on the knees and hips than the traditional full lotus pose. All these variations make great alternative poses for meditation. People can use the crystal cove meditation pillow for support, great for opening up the hips, knees and ankles. Let us assume a cross-legged position and gently place your right ankle on the opposite calf.

To take it up a notch to the half lotus pose, place that same ankle a bit higher to allow it to rest on the upper thigh of the opposite leg.

Simple Cross-Legged Pose

It is one of the easiest poses to just sit in the simple cross-legged pose for the minimal strain on your joints while still stretching in your knees and keeping your hips open. While doing this pose, a meditation pillow helps you to keep the spine in alignment for longer and more comfortable meditation sessions.

If you will find your feet falling asleep (this happens to some people in this pose) and consider it as switching to the “Kneeling with support” pose to take off the weight of your ankles and improve your circulation.

Arched Back

This pose is not a seated pose and it is designed to open your chest and ribcage for deeper & longer breaths during meditation and breathing exercises. It is also a great way to relieve lower back pain and stretch out your abdomen after your yoga practice. You have to sit down with the meditation pillow right behind your arms overhead to open up the chest. Now you have to just take a deep breath and be relaxed.

Child’s Pose (Or Balasana)

Child pose is a pose which is everyone’s favorite pose. This pose provides an extra- comfortable place to rest your head. This pose is a simple pose for the beginners. Child’s pose is incredibly relaxable while stretching your thighs, hips and back. This pose helps in melting away the stress very instant and the only focus is on the deep breathing and setting up the mind free.


With the help of this crystal cove meditation pillow, anyone can perform the different types of yoga poses which is good for their health and body posture. Yoga should be performed by everyone on a daily basis for their healthy body and posture. If you are a beginner and not able to perform yoga properly then there is no need to worry about that because you can perform different types of poses with the help of the crystal cove meditation pillow. This pillow will help in performing different types of yoga poses and by it people can reduce their excess weight. Everyone should try this out at once and see the result coming out of it. It is not only for losing weight but also for a relaxed mind and mental peace.

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