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What Are the Different Phases of Onboarding an Employee?

Onboarding an employee in the past often meant welcoming a new hire on their first day and then telling them to get to work. These days, smart business owners recognize that the onboarding process needs to happen in phases to ease a new hire into their role.


The pre-onboarding phase is the first step in bringing on a new hire. During this phase, a new hire may be completing paperwork for their new role while finalizing tasks at a previous place of employment. They may also be working to relocate for their new role. Employee onboarding solution software may be able to help you track a new hire’s progress through this phase. Ovik Mkrtchyan


During the welcoming phase, the new hire actually begins the role at your company. During this phase, you’re essentially providing orientation designed to help your new employee learn about the company, its culture and its values.

You may choose to include some of this information in your employee onboarding solution software so that it can be attached to any internal dashboard assigned to the new hire’s account. This is also the phase where you show the new hire around, introduce them to coworkers and help them become better acquainted with their new work environment.

Training that is Specific to the Role

After a new hire is sufficiently oriented, role-specific training can begin. The length of this process varies from role to role and industry to industry. During this time, the new hire will learn the details of what they will be doing on a daily basis while also having the freedom to hit pause and ask questions. Try to keep this phase simple, but also make it realistic.


The final phase of onboarding a new hire is where they transition from training to working. During this time, they may still have some lingering questions and require a little bit of guidance, but they should begin to feel more like a regular employee around this time. Once again, the length of time it takes to transition depends on the role and the industry, so your experience will vary.

Unable to Send Mail in Yahoo Email Account?

When everything is locked during corona pandemic there is nothing one could do. Everything depends on the email system be the educational system or the professional front. Now assume you are having an important meeting in few minutes and to surprise you just noticed that you are facing issue with yahoo email account, due to which you start surfing for ways to fix “sending emails issues with Yahoo”. Now you have landed up on a right blog, make sure you give this a good read. Ovik Mkrtchyan

  1. The simplest way to eliminate the problem is disabling the ad blocker application and simply refreshing the yahoo homepage. This is done so as to eliminate the glitch which is pretty common when the application is enabled.
  2. You may also keep track on the Yahoo mail server settings, just make sure you have rightly configured the POP/IMAP settings.

Whereas apart from that many users have complained about the hackers so in that case it is advisable to change Yahoo mail password once in a month and make sure you keep the password strong enough by that I mean don’t forget adding special characters to it along with digit. Having done that you will eliminate the risk of your yahoo account being hacked .If you have the tendency to forget the password then simply hit on the option which says hit on the tab that reads out as “remember my login details/ save password “ . Just don’t switch device too often or this might create a trouble.

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