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Hair Care Guide For Virgin Hair Bundles

Caring guide to virgin hair bundles

Above all, taking good care of your virgin hair bundles is crucial. Yes! Indeed, they won’t last very long if you disregard the need to take care of your hair bundles. Because virgin hair is the purest form of human hair, you should treat it delicately and follow the same hair care procedures as you would for your natural hair. So that you may utilize your pricey hair bundles for a long time and prevent them from becoming easily damaged, here are some measures you must adhere to.

It might be challenging to maintain frizz- and tangle-free weave hair daily. Your hair will become severely damaged and more frizzy if you neglect to take care of it. So it’s crucial to start simple when caring for thick weave hair. Several things you are doing incorrectly may increase the risk of harm to your hair bundles. You’ll be able to protect your hair bundles from severe damage after understanding what is incorrect and what is proper.

Here are some additional suggestions you can use regularly to protect your bundles and extend their lifespan:

General Care

Daily Care

1. Style with a brush or comb.

2. When necessary, use an alcohol-free hair serum for shine.

Bed Time Care

1. Wear a satin scarf or hat and a vast, loose braid in your hair before retiring to bed.

2. After waking up, untie the braid and comb your hair from roots to ends with a wide-toothed comb (or paddle brush).

3. Style as necessary


1. Avoid rubbing the hair.

2. Thoroughly rinse.

3. Apply a moisture conditioner to your hair, then comb it from the ends to the scalp.

4. Thoroughly rinse.

5. Let air dry.

6. Hair can be rolled up for more waves.

Don’t Forget To Comb Your Hair Bundles Before & After

Your bundles should be combed both before and after use. It will become more twisted in this way.

Don’t Forget The Hair Care Products.

Applying a small amount of Indique Hair’s Argan oil after washing the human hair bundles will keep it frizz- and damage-free.

Don’t Wash The Bundles Too Frequently.

After each use, washing the human hair might harm it and make it more challenging. Even if you use a sulfate-free shampoo, your hair may still suffer damage because it doesn’t receive the natural oil from the scalp. Wash these virgin hair bundles three times a week, if possible. Before applying a chemical product a second time, if you have previously used any hair spray or another chemical product, wash it beforehand.

Avoid Scratching Your Weave Hair

Itchy scalp is a result of infrequent hair washing. You shouldn’t scratch the itching with your fingernails. It can lead to scabs on the scalp and is inappropriate for the weave. Use tea tree oil or any other suggested scalp emollient in its place. Scratching causes your sew-in weave to become loose, and you might need to take it off eventually.

Avoid Sleeping With Bundles

Avoid sleeping with clip-in virgin hair bundles if you use them since tangling could result. Additionally, wearing sew-in extensions, cover your hair with a satin or silk scarf before bed. A satin pillow cover can also be used. Avoid working out while wearing these clip-in hair extensions because it will stress the weave and harm your natural hair.

Curly Hair Daily Care

1. Fill a spray bottle with water and an excellent leave-in conditioner.

2. Mist onto the bundles ( ensure you comb through your extensions using a wide tooth comb beginning at the ends and working your way to your scalp).

3. Put the hair in a bun and twist strands around your finger to give it a shape.

4. After letting your hair air dry, style it as you choose.

5. Avoid combing it once it has dried since it will tangle and mat.

6. Twist your hair in portions at night before covering it with a silk scarf or bonnet.

7. Avoid touching your hair as much as possible after it has been styled, including brushes and fine-toothed combs. This may cause your curls to separate and result in unwelcome frizz.

Please remember that maintaining curly hair differs considerably from maintaining hair from your neighborhood beauty supply store and for advanced-intermediate virgin hair bundles. Wearing and taking care of your virgin hair extensions need not be difficult.

The steps above are straightforward to follow. You will enjoy wearing your extensions at any moment of the day if you put them into practice. So go ahead and purchase the human virgin hair bundles you’ve wanted.

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